Human interaction remains one of the least understood ‘black boxes’ of science. Precisely how we assimilate the myriad of verbal and nonverbal behaviours of others, make sense of them and respond is remarkably complex. Yet we find it so easy.

Broadly our research seeks to demystify this black box so that we can create technologies, policies and training that help people communicate and cooperate. We use experimental, archival and field research to answer this question. Much of our work is at the interface of technology and behaviour (Paul spoke about that in his inaugural lecture).

We use XSens MVN, Liberty Latus and WiTilt sensors to automatically track nonverbal behaviour and nonverbal mimicry, sociometers to measure social behaviour, and bespoke linguistic techniques to examine verbal behaviour. We also video record most of our interactions and try wherever possible to compare the automated measurements with human judgements.



Paul J. Taylor. Professor of Psychology and the person who relies on the amazing people listed below.

Susie Ballentyne. PhD student examining the relationship between social identity and resilience among post-conflict communities.

Emma Hewlett. EPSRC funded PhD student examining human decision contributions to security in industrial control systems.

Charles Hunn. Industry funded project looking at email mimicry.

Anastasia Kordoni. PhD student examining the effect of societal and cognitive factors on individual and collective radical responses.

Feni Kontogianni. CREST funded PhD student examining the use of multi-modal interviewing formats to facilitate memory recall for repeated events. Feni describing more.

Rachel Reece. Industry-funded PhD student examining the factors that allow community groups to succeed and flourish.

Irina Tache. ESRC NWDTC funded PhD student examining how culture moderates the effectiveness of existing interviewing protocols. Irina describing more.

Lynn Weiher. CREST funded PhD examining social influence and information provision in human intelligence interviews.

Christina Winters. CREST funded PhD examining the role of context on the willingness to disclose.



Dr Faye Banks. Dstl funded project examining a more detailed interaction alignment modelling of email exchanges. Now training to be a Clinician.

Christos Charitonidis. Dstl funded PhD studentship examining the weak signals of predicting violence, particularly in Twitter.

Joanna Curtis. FBI funded project examining sensemaking in cross-cultural interactions.

Dr David Ellis. Research Associate on studies examining why group fail. Now a Anniversary lecturer in Psychology at Lancaster University.

Dr Tina Gornell. Research Associate on studies examining nonverbal dynamics and confidence in small groups. Now a lecturer at UCLan.

Dr Iain Hamlin. Industry funded PhD examining the relationship between personality, phenomenology and deception (with large N). Now a Research Associate at Edge Hill University.

Dr Karen Jacques. ESRC funded PhD on the nature of mobilisation into female violent extremism. Now working in government.

Dr Daniel Jolley. Industry-funded Research Associate examining interactive behaviour and its relationship with cooperation. Now lecturer at Staffordshire University.

Ben Marshall Industry-funded PhD looking at the psychological functions behind genuine and false threat reporting.

Dr Charlotte McClelland. Post-doc examining dispositional and contextual factors that lead to groups failing.

Dr Simon McDonald. Software engineer on a project developing language analysis. Now successful in the very real world of start-ups.

Dr Katharina McInnes. Industry-funded PhD student examining the concept of ‘purity’ as an attitude related to violent extremism.

Dr James Memole-Doodson. BAE funded project examining the use of linguistic analysis to make inferences about online faking. Now working in private industry.

Tarek Menacere. Software engineer on a project developing language analysis. Now working at Liverpool University.

Pete Montgomery. Industry funded project looking at email mimicry. Now working for JNCC.

Dr Steven Nicholson. Dstl-funded PhD student seeking to determine the precusors and disruptors of online trust.

Miriam Oostinga. PhD student examining communication errors in police-civilian interactions.

Lee Parkinson. Industry funded project looking at email mimicry. Left to set up the superb beelivery.

Dr Sheryl Prentice. Researcher and industry-funded PhD on extremism in mainstream media. Now a postdoc in Linguistics at Lancaster.

Dr Beth Richardson. Industry-funded PhD on verbal mimicry and power, then post-doc on follow-up work. Now a lecturer at UCLan.

Dr Alexandra Sandham. PhD on police decision making, then post-doc on the insider threat project. Now working in the grizzly real world.

Dr Samuel Larner. Senior Research Associate on cross-cultural interaction project (e.g., this paper). Now a Lecturer in Linguistics at MMU.

Dr Sophie Van der Zee. Industry-funded PhD student examining nonverbal mimicry and its relationship to deception-induced cognitive load. Now a postdoc at Cambridge.

Dr Helen Wall. Industry-funded PhD on how context effects our personality judgements (e.g., this paper), and follow up post-doc work on judgements from online material. Now a Senior Lecturer at Edge Hill University.

Dr Steven Watson. N8 project looking at manipulative suspects. Previously UK government funded project looking at verbal markers of insider threat, following up our early findings. Now a Lecturer at Newcastle University

Simon Wells. Negotiating with antagonistic people and completed MPhil research on the topic too (ha ha…). Now working with me as part of CREST.

Ruth Wong. Research Assistant on nonverbal mimicry project. Now at the Spot Centre, Hong Kong.